Liverpool 2-0 West Ham (31.01.2015) Live Commentary

This is how football ought to look like. Full of action, thrilling moments and spectacular opportunities. The expectations for the next games will be high. A very cat and mouse with the hosts coming out on top. The home team made a lot of passes and attempted to maintain possession. As for the away side, it’s obvious that defence had the highest priority for them.
Nothing more will happen in this game because it is over.
Joey O’Brien (West Ham) commits a foul after unfairly battling his opponent for the ball.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) goes over to take the corner kick and it looks like he will send the ball into the penalty box.
Guy Demel (West Ham) fails to send a pass into the box. His effort is cut out. Now West Ham with a corner.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) puts a cross into the box from the free kick but it’s cleared.
Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) takes his opponent down and receives a yellow card from the referee.
We will have 4 min. of added time.
Alex Song (West Ham) is unable to feed a through ball into the path of his teammates.
Like an avalanche. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) is penalised for his attacking foul. Andre Marriner has a clear vision and blows the whistle. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) is arguing, but the referee’s decision cannot be changed. A free kick has been awarded to West Ham.
Winston Reid (West Ham) probably picked up a minor injury, but it looks like he will be able to continue in the match.
Winston Reid (West Ham) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) is furious with himself for wasting a glorious chance. He pounces on the rebound around the penalty spot and drags a shot well wide of the left post.
What an amazing save by Adrian (West Ham)! Jordan Ibe (Liverpool) swirls around the defenders and attempts to beat the keeper with a close-range shot low towards the middle of the target, but fails.
The attendance is 44718.
Here’s the change. Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) left the pitch, and Jordan Ibe (Liverpool) came on as a substitute.
Goal! Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) provides Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) with a nice pass inside the box. It allows him to finish with a precise effort into the bottom right corner. 2:0.
A pass by Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) ends up in no man’s land, and the attacking effort comes to an end.
Neat link-up between Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) and Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool), but Adrian (West Ham) reads the game well and the move breaks down.
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) zig-zags his way into the box and drills a low shot towards the right post, but the goalkeeper pulls off a superb stop.
Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) goes off his line to intercept the corner from Stewart Downing (West Ham).
A pass from Stewart Downing (West Ham) is intercepted by Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) and the move breaks down. West Ham win a corner.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) sends a quick through ball into space for his teammate, who is lurking on the offside border, but one of the defenders intercepts and clears the danger.
Winston Reid (West Ham) finds enough space to climb high and plants a header well wide of the right post. What a poor effort. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Liverpool.
Mark Noble (West Ham) is about to take a corner kick.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) wastes a good opportunity as he sends an inaccurate final pass into the box which is blocked by the defence. The referee points to the corner flag. West Ham are given a corner.
Substitution. Guy Demel (West Ham) on for James Collins (West Ham).
Alex Song (West Ham) clearly holds his opponent to prevent him from getting the ball and the referee immediately stops play. Liverpool earn a free kick.
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) slams the ball from a long-range free kick. He should have curled it higher to avoid hitting the wall.
Andre Marriner blows his whistle and signals a foul after Alex Song (West Ham) brought his opponent down. Liverpool have a free kick from a promising distance.
Substitution. Lazar Marković (Liverpool) is replaced by Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool).
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) makes a yard for himself and attempts to endanger the goalkeeper with a long-range shot. His great effort, however, goes by a whisker wide of the left post.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) shows a great individual effort and unleashes a beautiful strike from about 25 metres. His effort, going low in the direction of the middle of the target is denied by Adrian (West Ham), and the score doesn’t change.
Lazar Marković (Liverpool) attempts to find his teammate with a pass from outside the box, but the opposition’s defence is quick to react and thwarts the attack.
Enner Valencia (West Ham) picks up the ball, dribbles to the edge of the penalty area and unleashes a brilliant low shot to the middle of the goal, but is thwarted by a decent save from Simon Mignolet (Liverpool).
Substitution. Andrew Carroll (West Ham) walks off the pitch and Carlton Cole (West Ham) comes on as a substitute.
Andrew Carroll (West Ham) is able to continue to play.
Andrew Carroll (West Ham) is booked after bringing down an opponent. Andre Marriner had an easy-decision to make.
A break in play now as Andrew Carroll (West Ham) needs to receive treatment.
Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) steps in and intercepts a long pass from Stewart Downing (West Ham).
Lazar Markovic (Liverpool) was trying to get to the ball but hit the legs of the opponent as well. Andre Marriner blows the whistle for infingement. West Ham have a free kick.
Substitution. Mark Noble (West Ham) has come on for Morgan Amalfitano (West Ham).
A cross from the free kick is whipped in by Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), but one of the defenders steps in and averts the threat.
Winston Reid (West Ham) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Andre Marriner signals. A free kick to Liverpool. They can move closer towards the goal.
Goal! Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) displays great vision and sends a pass to Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), who shows brilliant composure inside the box to bury the ball into the back of the net. The score is 1:0.
Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) collects a pass and strikes from about 24 metres out. It’s a poor attempt which flies well over the bar. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for West Ham.
Adrian (West Ham) doesn’t have to worry about this one. Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) plays a pass into the feet of Alberto Moreno (Liverpool), with the latter unable to find the target. His effort from inside the box goes well wide of the left post.
A crossfield pass from Alex Song (West Ham) lacked more accuracy, and the opponent gains possession.
The referee blows his whistle to signal the start of the second half.
It wasn’t the most inspiring 45 minutes that you’ll see this week. Let’s hope that the second period will be more exciting. In most features so far, the hosting team dominated the game and made the opponent struggle to keep up. The home players attempt to beat the opposition’s defence using mostly counter-attacks. The away team tries to prevail using combination football.
There will be nothing more to see in the first half. The whistle blowing of Andre Marriner has ended it.
Lazar Markovic (Liverpool) is furious with himself as he misses a golden opportunity from inside the six-yard box. He sends a rebounded ball a few inches wide of the left post.
Fourth official shows 1 min. of added time.
The free kick into the penalty area from Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) is averted.
Alex Song (West Ham) was holding his opponent and can be glad he didn’t receive a yellow card. There is a free kick given to Liverpool.
Lucas Leiva (Liverpool) tries his luck with a long-range effort after receiving a precise pass, however, Adrian (West Ham) has a clear vision and makes a comfortable save.
Lazar Markovic (Liverpool) delivers a long ball, but it lacks enough power to reach his teammates and is intercepted by one of the defenders. The ball is out-of-play. Liverpool will have a throw-in.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) is caught offside after the linesman puts his flag up and the referee stops play.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) picks up a rebound inside the penalty area and drills a shot, aiming to the middle of the goal, but gets denied by Adrian (West Ham) who makes a reflexive save.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) overhits a cross from the corner, and none of his teammates can get his head on it.
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) wasted an opportunity to score from the free kick from about 25 metres out. His attempt hit the wall of defenders. The ball goes out-of-play. Liverpool are awarded a corner kick.
Foul! Alex Song (West Ham) is penalised for pulling back the opponent. Liverpool win a free kick. A promising situation for a direct shot.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) swings in a cross from the corner, but Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) reads it well and gathers the ball.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down. The ball is out-of-play. West Ham will have a chance to score from a corner.
Andrew Carroll (West Ham) rises highest from the corner to head at goal, but his effort which is aimed to the top right corner is brilliantly denied by the goalkeeper.
Corner kick. Stewart Downing (West Ham) steps up and is ready to swing it into the box.
Stewart Downing (West Ham) attempts to find one of his teammates with a fine lofted pass, but the defence reacts well to intercept the effort. The ball is out-of-play and West Ham manage to earn a corner.
An offensive foul by Emre Can (Liverpool) was seen by Andre Marriner who didn’t hesitate to blow the whistle. West Ham have a free kick.
Corner kick. Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) will deliver the ball.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) attempts to send a pass but the effort is blocked. Good work from Liverpool as they win a corner.
Andre Marriner blows his whistle. Who will be penalised? Now it is clear. Alberto Moreno (Liverpool) is said to have used an excessive force while attacking. West Ham will take a free kick.
Andrew Carroll (West Ham) finds enough space to climb high and plants a header well wide of the left post. What a poor effort.
The referee points towards the corner flag. Stewart Downing (West Ham) steps up to take it.
Andrew Carroll (West Ham) didn’t find any of his teammates inside the box as his pass was blocked. West Ham force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) gets on the end of a pass and produces a promising first-time shot towards the bottom left corner. His effort is blocked by Adrian (West Ham) with a brilliant diving save!
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) produces an unsuccessful corner kick.
Alberto Moreno (Liverpool) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked. The referee blows his whistle, Liverpool are awarded a corner kick.
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) sends a poor cross from the corner and Adrian (West Ham) has no trouble to gather it.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) creates himself some space and attempts to put it into the box. However, the defender gets an important foot in to clear. The ball goes out-of-play. Liverpool have been awarded a corner kick.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) doesn’t send a cross into the box from the corner. He passes the ball to his teammate next to him.
Alberto Moreno (Liverpool) sends a killer pass from the edge of the box, but one of the defenders reacts at the last minute and thwarts his effort. Liverpool have a corner.
A neat pass is well received by Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), who is lurking on the edge of the box and strikes the ball towards the middle of the target. The goalkeeper makes a decent save to block his shot.
Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) leaps up to intercept the corner kick from Stewart Downing (West Ham).
Alex Song (West Ham) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared. The ball is out-of-play. West Ham have been awarded a corner kick.
Enner Valencia (West Ham) was standing in an offside position, just behind its border. The assistant referee made an easy call – it was clear offside.
Enner Valencia (West Ham) fails to produce a decent enough free kick for a player of his ability and the only target that he finds is the wall of defenders in front of him.
Lucas Leiva (Liverpool) tackles a bit over-zealously. Andre Marriner blows for a foul. Another situation results in a direct free kick for West Ham.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) sees his long-range effort blocked.
A pass by Alberto Moreno (Liverpool) ends up in no man’s land, and the attacking effort comes to an end.
The goalkeeper doesn’t have to worry about this one. Simon Mignolet (Liverpool) is alert and has a clear vision to thwart a through ball from Alex Song (West Ham).
James Collins (West Ham) gives away foul for his fierce tackle against the opponent. A free kick is given to Liverpool.
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool) commits an offensive foul and referee Andre Marriner immediately signals a set piece. West Ham win a free kick.
Adam Lallana (Liverpool) receives a pass and unleashes a shot which goes well wide of the right post. The ball goes out-of-play and West Ham will have a goal kick.
James Collins (West Ham) connects with the free kick and produces a header goalwards which is well blocked. The goalkeeper doesn’t have to worry about that one.
Emre Can (Liverpool) is penalised for holding. Andre Marriner signals for a set piece. West Ham earn a free kick which can lead to a goal-scoring opportunity.
Nightmare of a shot. Lazar Markovic (Liverpool) is first to a rebound inside the 6-yard box but his shot goes high and wide of the goal.
Lazar Marković (Liverpool) is first to the rebound and sends a header goalwards but it’s blocked. Wow, what an escape there for the opposition.
Emre Can (Liverpool) seems to be alright and is okay to carry on.
The game is interrupted now, Emre Can (Liverpool) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Joey O’Brien (West Ham) attempts to whip in a crossfield pass, the defence does well to intercept the ball.
The Liverpool players keep the ball and are exchanging a combination of passes. They are waiting for gaps in defence to open up.
The match has just begun.
The players are out at last! Liverpool will take the kick-off.
The starting lineups of today’s clash are already revealed.
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Today’s referee will be Andre Marriner.
Hello and welcome to our live coverage. We will be guiding you through actions today. Starting line-ups have yet to be confirmed, but we will bring it to you as soon as possible. Enjoy yourself!