Paderborn vs Wolfsburg

Paderborn vs Wolfsburg – victory Dieter Hecking’s team mandatory for staying on the podium in the season. A prediction that deserves to appear on the day ticket is 2 soloist, Wolfsburg with all the makings for a successful Energieteam Arena.

For Paderborn was a big surprise promotion to the elite of German football, but an eventual rescue from relegation would be truly a miracle. Paderborn is undoubtedly the thinnest Bundesliga team in terms of the value of the lot. Team Stars are Hunnemeier, Rupp, Vrancic, Kachunga or Stoppelkamp, ‚Äč‚Äčless known players in German football even. Yet the hosts kept theoretical chances of rescue. But their program is infernal the last 3 stages: first duel with Wolfsburg, then game away to Schalke in the last stage and direct relegation match with Stuttgart. Paderborn has collected points with small teams, but with the great strengths of the Bundesliga losing to score: 0-2 in Monchengladbach, Leverkusen 0-3, also 0-3 and 0-6 with Bayern Dortmund.

Paderborn probable team (4-1-4-1): Kruse – Heinloth, Lopez, Hunnemeier, Brueckner – Rupp – Wemmer, Bakalorz, Vrancic, Soppelkamp – Lakic

Wolfsburg is currently in 3rd place, has 4 points more than Leverkusen but has tough matches in the last two stages, with Borussia Dortmund at home and away to Cologne. There are games in which he can lose points, so must not miss the lowly Paderborn victory to stay on the podium. De Bruyne, Bast Dost, Caligiuri, Perisic, Arnold and Luiz Gustavo will be on the ground so that any other result than Wolfsburg’s victory would be a big surprise, especially as there are absent brand roster.

Wolfsburg probable team (4-2-3-1): Benaglio – Traesch, Naldo, Klose, Rodriguez – Gustavo, Arnold – Perisic, De Bruyne, Caligiuri – Dost